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Why do we need to use Mayi Salt?


 • Mayi Salt is crystallized without refining process because it is natural spring salt that boils under the ground. That is why Mayi Salt is 100% natural.

• The quality of Mayi Salt is high. Because the best quality salt of the earth is obtained from the natural spring waters.

• The source of Mayi Salt is Turkey's largest natural saltpan.

• Mayi Salt includes 84 minerals and is very rich in regard to iron, lithium and vanadium.

• Since Mayi Salt is in molten condition, the rate of insoluable substances which damages our health and increases blood pressure is zero.

• In the content of Mayi Salt, there is no additive substance such as harmful aluminum silicate, potassium ferrocyanide. Since it is a natural source of salt, it is obtained naturally from solar energy without any chemical treatment.

• Mayi Salt can be used safely because it does not include substances such as E-530, E-533, E-550, aluminum, hydroxide which are harmful to human health.

• Mayi Salt is packed in hygienic conditions in greenhouse pools and delivered to you with healthy elegant packed boxes.

• • Mayi Salt has limited production as much as the nature allows, while the price is affordable. Mayi Salt adds tremendous flavor to the dishes and also helps to eliminate edema in our bodies.

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