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Where does Mayi Salt come from and how is it produced?


Mayi Salt is natural spring salt that is boiling under the ground at the border of Çorum Sungurlu in the district of Delice in Kırıkkale Province in Central Anatolia region of Turkey. The location where Mayi Salt obtained is Turkey's largest natural spring water saltpan. Mayi Salt is crystallized without the need for refining since it is included in the class of salts obtained from natural spring waters. Our production is limited because the production is made on the conditions that nature allows, our annual capacity is about 20.000 tons of salt. No chemicals or additives are used during the production phase. Mayi Salt, which is produced in hygienic conditions in greenhouse pools, is packed in healthy boxes and delivered to the users who pay attention to their health in the purest form without losing anything from its naturality.

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