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Health Effects and Benefits of Lithium

While the deficiency of lithium which is abound in Mayi Salt can cause many diseases, lithium plays an important role in the treatment of many diseases such as depression and nerve diseases. The most obvious disturbances from lithium deficiency are pain in the joints, breakage in the hair, excess sensitivity to cold, fatigue, depression, fatness or weakness and skin dryness. These disturbances, which occur as a result of lithium deficiency, can be reduced by incorporating salt which is rich in lithium, such as Mayi Salt.

It was determined that lithium is effective against mental disorders by increasing the activity of chemical compounds in the brain. It regulates sodium exchange in nerve and muscle cells. It is rapidly absorbed by the body and disperses throughout the body within 12 hours. Lithium works in a wide variety of forms with drugs, enzymes, hormones, vitamins and growth factors. There are also some diseases in which Lithium has positive effects; bipolar disorder, depression, manic disorders, schizophrenia, mental illnesses, anorexia, bulimia, anemia, neutropenia, blood disorders, headaches, alcohol treatments, diabetes, liver and kidney diseases, arthritis, thyroid, asthma, graves, meninges, tingling, hyperactivity, behavioral disorders, aggression. Mayi Salt with its rich lithium content is special salt that is good for your health.

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