Mini Sofra Tuzu Paketi
Mini Sofra Tuzu Paketi


Brand : Mayi Tuz
Price : $36.83(Vat included)
Discounted : $31.31(Vat included)

It is a package of table salt consisting of 600 g of ground salt, 250 g of ground salt and 110 g of milled salt. It is produced from 100% natural spring water salt, without refining, in greenhouse type pools. Since it is unrefined, it does not contain chemical substances such as anti-moisture and bleach. It contains 84 different minerals beneficial to human health such as lithium, vanadium, iron, magnesium and calcium. The insoluble matter ratio is 0.

How to use?

With its high iodine content and rich mineral content, you can easily use it in your meals and on your table.

Note: We recommend adding salt to your food after boiling, not to the boiling food, so that the minerals are not lost.

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