Artisan Lezzet Paketi
Artisan Lezzet Paketi


Brand : Mayi Tuz
Price : $112.57(Vat included)
Discounted : $95.68(Vat included)

What is Artisan Flavor Pack?

We have brought together our liquid spring salt, which has preserved the taste and purity of 5000 years ago, with the unique flavors of garlic, thyme, lemon and truffle, and we have created the most practical form of taste. Mayi Artisan series will be indispensable whenever you want to add a special touch and flavor to your meals. You will not want to leave the kitchen with this flavor that will make you love cooking more.

Where to Use Mayi Artisan Liquid Salt Pack?

Mayi Artisan series, which is presented for you in a single package, will be indispensable when you want to add a gourmet touch to your meals. Liquid salt with garlic is used in your vegetable - meatballs, soups, salads, bakery dishes, liquid salt with thyme in your salads and all kinds of meat dishes, liquid salt with lemon in your salads, soups, fish, olive oil dishes, truffle salt in all your baked goods, egg dishes, fried foods, and your imagination. You can use it in many other dishes that combine with your taste buds.

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