• March 24, 2022 BLOG PAGE

    Salt, which has become a taboo that is harmful by everyone, actually has many benefits. Although there are natural crystal salt products in the market, it is not easy to understand whether every salt is natural salt or not. Mayi Salt, which crystallizes without the need for refining, is 100% natural, additive-free and very rich in minerals, and is an important nutrient that nature offers to people. Natural spring salt, which does not use any chemicals or additives during its production, is extremely healthy.

    spring salt, healthy salt, salt
  • March 19, 2022 BLOG PAGE

    Mayi Liquid Salt is the very source of all other Mayi Salts. It is the purest form of this unique source that comes to the earth by incorporating the red soil minerals of the hot water line coming out of the fault rupture 1300 meters below the ground and taking its salinity from the crystal rock salts.

    salt, spring salt, liquid salt
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